Ya Xiong

Ya Xiong

The Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Norway

I am a PHD student working on agricultural robotics and laboratory automation. I have two parallel projects:

The first project is to design and develop a completely new gripper and a whole system for strawberry picking robots. By far, as the main contributor, I have already developed two versions of strawberry harvesting robots including a patent pending gripper. My work includes gripper design, arm development, vision system development, picking path planning, system integration, control and evaluation. Long-term field tests show my second version harvesting robot (named Shiva) has significant advantage over other reported solutions. The Shiva robot has been reported by NRK, NorskLandbruk, etc

The aim of my second project is to develop a robotic platform for high-throughput precision sonication and sampling of microorganisms (molds, yeast and bacteria). By far, I have developed a hands-free low-cost robotic system for high-precision cell disruption using ultrasonication. I have proposed a new method for measuring cell disruption level and found that fungal cell disruption by sonication is an exponential decay process. 

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