Dr. Sergey V. Ulyanov

Dr. Sergey V. Ulyanov

Professor of Milan University (Italy) and State University Dubna

Biography of Professor Sergey V. Ulyanov

He was born in Russia, December 15, 1946, and in 1971 graduated from Moscow Technical University on the specialty “Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Automation Control Systems”. In 1974, he got PhD from the Central Institute of Building Construction (Moscow) on the specialty “Dynamic of Building Construction on Earthquake Excitations”. In 1992, he got State Dr. of Physics and Mathematics Sciences from the Institute of Physical-Technical Problems (Moscow) on the specialty “Quantum and Relativistic Dynamic Intelligent Control Systems”.

His scientific interests are in AI control systems with time-dependent random (variable) structures for complex mechanical systems, intelligent toolkit for robotics, fuzzy wise control, SW/HW of fuzzy controllers, intelligent mechatronics, bio-medical engineering, quantum and relativistic control systems, soft computing, quantum algorithms and quantum soft computing, AI and intelligent cognitive robotics.

He published more than 55 books and 300 papers in periodical journals and proceedings of conferences in different scientific domains. Professor of Milan University (Italy) and University of Electro-Communication (Tokyo, Japan), Editor-in-Chief of International Journal “Artificial Intelligence Advances”