Chang Hyung Lee

Chang Hyung Lee

Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, South Korea

As a specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr.Lee has been interested in various topics related to musculoskeletal diseases. In addition to these clinical topics, his major concern is also focussed to sports medicine about elite athletes. He worked as a Korean team physician in Beijing olympics, Doha asian games, Jangchun asian games, and Bangkok universiade games so far. Recently, he worked as a Venue Medical Officer for Speed skating games in Pyeongchang winter olympic games.

However, his interests are not only limited to clinical field. As a basic researcher, he has been studying the development and genetic analysis of Brown Adipose Tissue(BAT) using controlled animal study.  Also, lordotic curve controlled traction devices on cervical and lumbar spines have been studied since 3 years ago.

His current topic for this year is about Biomechanical analysis of Golf swing which is coincide with today's topic. He hopes to have a chance to discuss and co-work with other researchers from overseas.


Research Interest:
Biomechanical Engineering
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