University of Chile, Chile

Dr. Neira-Carrillo received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry (1996) and a Ph.D. degree (2003) from the University of Concepción (Chile)/Sponsor by Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research of Mainz (MPI-P), working on “Synthesis and characterization of derived Polisiloxane - Polisilazane by Cationic Method. Precursors of Ceramic Materials and Dispertion-Mineralization Agents”. Through a DAAD fellowship he spent 3 years at the MPI-P, where he worked with Prof. Gerhard Wegner. He had two Postdoc at the CIMAT (Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research in Materials) of the University of Chile and Max Planck Institute of Colloid and Interface Science and honorary research fellow at DAAD, Germany. Currently, he is author of 63 scientific divulgations: 49 articles (47 ISI) and 13 Book´s chapter. He was inventor of 1 Patent No. WO2017075730A1 to National Institute of Property Industrial- INAPI and one International application via PCT

PCT/CL2016/050058 and the International Publication No. WO 2017075730A1. He has participated in 100 (37 national and 63 international) conferences with more than 153 presentations and He has received invitation to give 57 lectures. He has been involved in 38 projects acting as responsible researcher (14), principal researcher (1), deputy director (2), co-researcher (19), Sponsoring teacher (1). Furthermore, he was awarded some distinctions and Scholarships, example, DAAD scholarships (Sandwich-stipendium), International Scholarships at the Center For Materials Research (ICMR) at the UCSB, CA, USA, and the internal University of Chile Grant (Travel Aid Competition), aomg others. His main research is “Synthesis of functionalized polymer for biomedical applications”. Other lines associated are:

•     Bio-related materials & Biomineralization

•     Classical and non-classical crystallization theory of minerals

•     Hybrid microparticles encapsulating and photothermal therapy

•     Polymeric adjuvants for vaccines

•     Micro and nano electrospun fibers by electrospinning. Synthesis, characterization and applications

He is Editorial Board member of the following journals: Crystals, Section Crystalline Materials, MDPI, AG; Applied Chemical Engineering_En Press.; Editorial Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences and J. of Research in Polymer Science Updates. He also is Referee of various ISI publications belonging to Elsevier, American Chemical Society (ACS), Springer, Wiley, Benham, American Scientific publishers, RSC publishing, Química Nova, among others. His research projects have been funded by Fondecyt, Ecos-Conicyt, Andes Foundation, VID of University of Chile and Fondef. He has involved in various projects such as Fondecyt, Fondef and Fondap (Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases) as principal investigator, co_director and associate researcher, respectively. He was funder member of Vaccimed S.A., 1st Spin–Off of the University of Chile, which is currently scaling-up several fermentation processes for vaccine and biological drug developing for veterinary industry. Nowadays, he is Director of Polyforms, which is the unique research-network at the University of Chile funded by Program U-Redes, Vice-presidency of Research and Development, University of Chile.