Dr. Slobodan Tosovic

Dr. Slobodan Tosovic

Ministry of Environmental Protection Belgrade, Serbia

Professor at the Sanitary Medical School of Applied Sciences in Belgrade. Subjects: Human ecology, Environmental toxicology, Waste management. Graduated Medical Faculty (University of Belgrade),SpecializedHygiene andmed. ecology andSubspecializedOccupational toxicology.M.S. (Chemical risks and hazards) and Ph.D. „Heavy metals as an ecotoxicological problem in Belgrade area“.

Author of several books and textbooks (Communal hygiene, Households without poisons, Risk assessments in chemical accidents, Ecotoxicology) and co-author: Encyclopedia of the environmental protection and Ecological dictionary. Author of more than 90 professional papers in area ofenvironmental protection and health.Previously engaged at the Ministry of EnvironmentalProtection to bring in laws and other regulations: Law on waste, Environmental impact assessment, Strategic impact assessment and other.As an independent expert, member of the Technical commission for the evaluation of EIA and SIA studies.

With over 40 years of experience, put on paper about  500 EIA studies, over 50 Risk assessments on chemical accidents, around 20 SEA studies, fewSanation and Remediation Project, as well as many Environmental Requirements and Conditions for Industrial objects.

Now engaged at the Ministry of Environmental Protection as an adviser for Waste management, in particular – Hazardous waste management.