Charalampides Georgios

Charalampides Georgios

University of Applied Science of Western Macedonia, Greece

He is currently working as Professor and Head of the Department in Geochemistry and Economic Geology, Department of Environmental Engineering, TEI of Western Macedonia, Kozani, Hellas, Greece. He is founding member and CEO of GeoMin co, Company for Hydrogeological and Mineral Research. He published numerous scientific articles in International Scientific Journals with over 200 citations.
Research Interest:
• Mineralogy and geochemistry of mineral deposits, non energy minerals and industrial minerals.

•Development of geothermal models for formation of mineralogical phases in relation to the ionic distribution.

•Isotope geochemistry of natural isotopes to detect environmental contamination.

•Sustainability Research of non-energy natural raw materials with emphasis on industrial minerals of Western Macedonia.

•Hydrogeological studies and development of sustainability indicators for inland waters in the region of Western Macedonia, Greece.