Alatangaole  Damirin

Alatangaole Damirin

Inner Mongolia University, China

Alatangaole Damirin is a Professor of biochemistry and molecular Biology at School of Life Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, China.  He worked as assistant professor at Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Gunma University, Japan. He graduated from School of Medicine Gunma 
University, Japan. His Ph.D. major was on Molecular and Cellular Regulation. 
Research Interest:
The aim of his research group is to elucidate the receptor mediated signal transduction mechanisms of lipid mediators, such as S1Pand LPA, and their roles in several disorders, especially atherosclerosis and cancer. Their research is also centered on the role of proton-sensing GPCRs under acidic microenvironment, trying to unlock their mysterious veil.
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