2nd International
Nanotechnology Conference

April 03-05, 2017
Dubai, UAE

About Conference


2nd International Nanotechnology Conference is going to be held during April 3-5, 2017 at Dubai, UAE. Nanotech-2017 brings together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers and policy makers in nanotechnology to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation.

The first International Nanotechnology Conference (Nanotech-2016) event was a huge success, as the participants enjoyed, appreciated, and were enriched by the presentations given by the nationally recognized speakers. They also welcomed the exposure to the new research and advancements presented during the 3 day conference.

Nanotech-2017 delivers application-focused on research from the top international industry labs in academic, government and private sectors. This scientific conference facilitate sharing and collaboration between world class researchers.

Nanotech-2017 has sessions covering electronic materials, photonics, biotechnology, medicine, alternative energy, environment and electronic devices. Nanotech has continued a broader array of speakers, and a diverse set of programs aimed at both scientists and business leaders.