2nd International Conference on
Materials Science and Research

September 26-27, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany

Welcome Note

Dear Friends and Colleagues
I’d like to personally welcome each of you to the 2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Research held during September 26-27, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. I am a Professor of Mechanical Engineering,Life Fellow– ASME, in theDepartment of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, I will be presenting as Keynote speaker the topic of “The Importance of Materials Science Education in Mechanical Engineering”.

ICMSR-2018 forum to present and discuss progress in research, development, standards, and applications of the topics related to the Material Science and research will offer high quality technical activities, including research sessions, poster sessions, workshops, tutorials, demonstrations, an industry track, a developers track, and panels.

ICMSR-2018 Conference will refresh your knowledge base and explore the innovations in Material Science. The Conference will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors.
We hope you will join us for a symphony of outstanding Material science, and take a little extra time to enjoy the spectacular and unique beauty of thispart of Germany.

Ozer AArnas, Ph.D
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
United States Military Academy at West Point
West Point, NY 10928 USA

About Conference

2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Research is going to be held during September 26-27, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany. Our main objective is to promote scientific and academic activities towards the advances made in engineering materials, their classification and the role/importance engineering materials in current day world, their properties and areas of application.

Materials science addresses the scientific study of the properties and applications of materials of construction or manufacture (such as ceramics, metals, polymers, and composites). Materials Science is an interdisciplinary subject, spanning the physics and chemistry of matter, engineering applications and industrial manufacturing processes. It is a cross-disciplinary field that relates the behaviour and properties of various materials with aspects of their molecular, supramolecular, or macromolecular structures and their chemical and physical characteristics at the atomic or molecular level.

The material science concept developed from metallurgy, when researchers began to use analytical thinking from chemistry, physics, and engineering to understand ancient, phenomenological observations in metallurgy and mineralogy. The development of advanced material can lead to the design of completely new products including medical implants and computers. Advanced materials covers a range of industries including ceramics, glass, metals, alloys, construction materials and other high technology processing areas.

ICMSR-2018 will continue the very best traditions of previous conference; ICMSR-2017 including a range of high-impact plenary presentations, keynote presentations cutting-edge invited and contributed talks, interactive poster presentations and convivial social events. The multiple interests of delegates offer many opportunities for associate and multidisciplinary discussions.

ICMSR-2018 conference contributions are invited from chemists, engineers, physicists and materials scientists, earth and planetary science from around the globe who are interested in any facet of this tremendously exciting field.

Scientific Sessions

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Members and Speakers

  • Rajan Ambat
    Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark

    Songjun Li
    University in Zhenjiang, China

    Mohamed H Gadallah
    Cairo University, Egypt

    Osman Adigüzel
    Firat University, Turkey

    Ying He
    Shanghai University, China

    Lifeng Yan
    University of Science and Technology of China, China


  • Elsayed Esam M Khaled,Assiut University, Egypt

    Eric Ouma Jobunga,Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya

    Amira Abdelrasoul,University of Saskatchewan, Canada

    Ozer A Arnas,United States Military Academy at West Point, USA

    Sayed Akl,British University in Egypt (BUE), Egypt

    A S Khanna ,Indian Institute of Technology, India

    Meriem Fardioui,Ibn Tofail university, Morocco

    Osman Adiguzel,Firat University, Turkey

    Musila Nicholas Muendo,Kenyatta University, Kenya

    Idan Ashur,Bar Ilan University,The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

    Abdeen Omer,Energy Research Institute (ERI), UK

    Maissa Farhat,American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

    Sandeep desai,KITS College of Engineering, India

    Gerd Kaupp,University of Oldenburg, Germany

    Shivam Kansara,Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India

    Janki Shah,Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India

    Steffy Maria Jose,Mar Ivanios College, Kerala University, India

    Mehdi Dadkhah,Lorestan University, Iran

    RuiGusmão,University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech Republic

    Shinichi Nakatsuji,University of Hyogo, Japan

    Debabrata Chatterjee,Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India

    Ammar Zeidan Ghailan Alshemary,Karabuk University, Turkey

    Adam Hamod Gbaria,Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

    Mirosław Kwiatkowski,AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

    Kornkanya Pratumyot,King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

    Samir El-Medani,Fayoum University, Egypt

    Behrooz Movahedi ,University of Isfahan, Iran

    Mineo Hiramatsu,Meijo University, Japan

    Drief Mohammed,Magnetic Materials Laboratory, Algeria

    Tung-Han Chuang,National Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Bouhadiba Abderrahmane,Laboratory of Quantum Physics of Matter and Mathematical Modeling, Algeria

    Carolus Boekema,San Jose State University (SJSU), USA

    Jae-Jin Shim,Yeungnam University, Korea

    Kyoung Soo Yook,Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

    K Subbaiah ,SSN College of Engineering, India

    Chao-Ming Lin,National Chiayi University, Taiwan

    Yahya Absalan,People’s Friendship University of Russia, Russia

    Omar Chaalal,Abu Dhabi University, UAE

    K. Sabri ,University of Mostaganem, Algeria

    Chun-Hao Chen,National Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Yan-Cheng Lin ,National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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